Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I start my Personal Chef service?


A. After you contact me, I will arrange to meet with you to discuss your food likes and dislikes, what types of food allergies you may have, and any dietary requirements or restrictions. This is a free consultation. Then it’s time to pick your food and schedule your day of service!


Q. What’s Included?


A. Each service package includes:

Client Assessment

Menu Planning

Grocery Shopping

Meal Preparation

Packaging, Labeling, and Storage

Heating/Serving Instructions

Kitchen Clean Up


Q. What are your qualifications?


A. I am licensed and insured, as well a Certified Food Safety Manager. Additionally, I am affiliated with the American Personal and Private Chef Association


Q. Isn't a personal chef expensive?


A. When you add up the time and money spent on planning, shopping, cooking and clean up, the price can be quite affordable- not to mention the other benefits you may experience when you begin to devote that time and energy to other pursuits! The cost per meal is comparable to eating at a nice restaurant. However, with our service, you will be getting individually customized meals with your specific dietary requests in mind. You will eat in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience, and will have all the extra time saved to enjoy doing the things that matter to you!


Q. Do you cook in my kitchen?


A. I prepare your meals in the safety of your own kitchen. I will do the grocery shopping in the morning, arrive at your home early in the day, prepare your food, place it in storage containers and then clean the kitchen and leave. I will leave you heating instructions for all your food.


Q. How long will you be at my house cooking and do I need to be there?


A. No, you will not need to be home for me to finish your service. It usually takes 5-7 hours to cook, cool and store the meals in your home, depending on the meal package selected.


Q. What type of meals do you prepare? Can I choose the menu?


A. At our initial meeting we will discuss your likes, dislikes and any dietary needs you may have. This will allow me to customize your menu. You can choose your menu selection from our extensive menu or if you prefer we will choose the menu for you and send a copy of our selection for your approval a few days before your scheduled cook date. I am also able to prepare your own favorite recipes!


Q. Do I pay ahead for each cooking date? Are groceries included? How far in advance can I schedule?


A. I require payment a minimum of one business day in advance of the cooking date. My services do not include the cost of groceries which allows you maximum flexibility in choosing menu items. I will estimate the cost of the groceries based on your menu selections and require a deposit for groceries, in addition to my fee, in advance of your cook date. You may schedule up to 1 month in advance.


Q. How often will you come to my house to cook?


A. I can visit weekly, biweekly, monthly, or whatever works best for your family.


Q. Can you work with special diets?


A. Yes! I can provide meals that are low-fat, low-sodium, low cholesterol or low-carb based on you needs.


Q. What storage containers can I use?


A. You have a choice of disposable containers (Ziploc, Glade), reusable containers (Pyrex) or vacuum seal bags. A container fee will be added.

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