A Personal Chef can save you time and money

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Scenario 1: A long day's work has ended; you are exhausted. Everyone (even you) are wondering-What's for dinner? The thought of now fighting traffic to drive to the store to shop for something to make, and going out for dinner for the 3rd or 4th time this week is getting pricey. Plus, you still want a healthy meal for your family!

Scenario 2: A long day's work has ended; you are exhausted. You come home to a wonderful, personalized home cooked meal ready for you and your family to enjoy together, without the trouble of planning a menu, grocery shopping, or hours cooking and cleaning. All provided to you by your own personal chef-Chef Jaime! Do you: Need a healthy breakfast to grab on the go?
Want to teach the kids food can be healthy and delicious?
Want a night with “just the girls” to learn a new cooking technique or enjoy a food trendy cuisine?
Need to host a dinner party with colleagues or a new boss?
Need to throw a bridal shower for your “foodie” friend/sister/soon to be daughter in law/etc?
Want to give a gift for a new mom or someone who has it all?
If your answer is YES!, then Chef Jaime can help with all of these aspects and more!

Contact the chef today to schedule an appointment and discuss how she can make your life so much easier and give you the time you deserve.    

Jaime's Personal Chef Service specializes in regular in-home meal services, dinner parties, small event catering and in-home cooking lessons for both adults and children in the Big Bend Area of Florida and South Georiga. Each personal chef service is customized to your specifications and created with the finest ingredients.


Just a preview of what is available through our service! Chef Jaime will personalize each menu to your tastes. Have a favorite dish or recipe? Interested in children's meals or healthy lunches? Just let us know!
**Special diets, organic, etc-at your request! These will be no issue for the Chef, nor extra cost added!
French onion
Chicken tortilla (customer favorite!)
Tomato bisque
Potato and leek
Vegetable beef
Corn chowder 
Italian sausage and tortellini
Green enchiladas & mexican creama sauce
Chicken picatta with olives and lemon over sauteed broccolini
Pepper chicken stir-fry
Jerk chicken with sweet potato and apple puree and habanero relish
French Beef Bourguignon with creamed mashed potatoes
Classic meatloaf
Steak diane
Korean style short-ribs 
Honey chipotle pork tenderloin
Shredded bbq pork with homemade buns
Green curry pork tenderloin with cilantro rice
Under the Sea
Mediterranian shrimp with orzo salad
Crispy baked cod
Cedar planked salmon with mustard glaze 
Panfried seabass with seasonal sauce
Stuffed peppers with rice and sauce
Creamy green gazpacho
Chickpea curry with roasted cauliflower and tomatoes
Quinoa salad with peaches and pickled onions

What's on the Menu?

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